My work is concerned with the materiality of the body. Everyday movement and gestures. Task-based action. Domesticity. And the body, always the body. What’s moves and motivates us.

My work is concerned with repetition. Layers and layering. Fragmentation and disorientation. The repetition of the mundane until what you thought was a given, something that just is, becomes revealed as a construct, a defamiliarised state of affairs. An affair of the body, of the home, of the heart. This is not about an affair. This is about the politics of the body. The politics of representation.

My work is concerned with representation and subjectivity. In particular, the representation and subjectivity of women in a world that continues to discriminate against women on the basis that they are women. My work is about subjectivity. My belief in empathy.

My work is concerned with small ways of unsettling. Of considering. Of looking. Of feeling. The materiality of the body. Of being done to. Of refusing. Of fighting back. My work is concerned with agency.

Catherine Long is an artist with a background in contemporary dance.